Mind-Full Marketing Thought For The Day: Taking Your Time Doesn't Scale

The problem is this: we've scaled the number of contacts, of patients, of Christmas card recipients, of Twitter followers, of email correspondents, of investors, of backers, of Kickstarter supporters, of readers, of correspondents, of co-workers, of... we've scaled it all.
And the one thing we can't do is scale our ability to take time.
So, this year, when you sent out 500 cards, of course you didn't take the time to hand write each one with a personal note. 
How could you?



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And recently, when you sent a blast to 500 donors announcing a matching grant, you didn't personalize each note and leave out the people you told personally, because, hey, it's a huge list... READ SETH'S BLOG IN FULL, HERE: http://bit.ly/TakingYourTime


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