On Saturday, May 3rd QS WORLD MBA TOUR is coming to NYC for 1-DAY ONLY


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The QS World MBA Tour is the exclusive MBA event where you will have the chance to:

  • Speak directly with admission directors from the world’s top business schools;
  • Get advice on your MBA admissions strategy by attending our admissions and study abroad panels;
  • Improve your GMAT™ scores at our dedicated workshops;
  • Get access to scholarships worth $1.7 million, available exclusively to fair attendees;
  • Hear about the MBA experience from top business schools alumni at dedicated seminars.
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Startup Professionals Musings: How To Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur Leader

In building successful businesses, I find that creating a new and innovative product or service is usually the easy part. The hard part is providing the leadership required to align and motivate all the constituents and players – from engineers, to investors, vendors, and ultimately customers. 

Great entrepreneurs are not just idea people and then managers, they are extraordinary leaders.


Most investors admit that they invest primarily in people, not ideas, and they inherently believe that they can sense this leadership ability needed to get the rapid growth and 10x return we all strive for. Yet beyond a list of noble attributes, like vision, courage, and integrity, it’s hard for them to define what separates an ordinary entrepreneur or manager from an extraordinary leader.

I just finished a book by Dr. Peter Fuda, “Leadership Transformed: How Ordinary Managers Become Extraordinary Leaders,” that identifies seven leadership themes, presented as metaphors, which I believe will really help anyone recognize great leaders, and even more importantly, accelerate your own entrepreneur leadership transformation:


Startup Professionals Musings: How To Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur Leader

Blogger Credit:

Come Meet Your 2013 Accountability Success Partner! (ONLY 7 SPOTS LEFT FOR THIS WORKSHOP)

Are you ready to make the rest of 2013 full of amazing, memorable achievements?

Back at the beginning of this New Year, I remember thinking that most of us were going to be paying a whole lot more attention to achieving our most important goals!

Every email I received spoke about how different this year was going to be compared to the last one.

Patterns which make us less than happy! Deep in your core, you know that realistically all of your goals are possible. Attainable. Can be done. Have been done by others. Many others!!!

  • This workshop will ensure that you have someone, for the rest of 2013 who genuinely cares and is always in the wings -- that you will report to on a regularly scheduled basis. 
  • You will be able to strategically move forward, step-by-step with full intent instead of wishful thinking toward your major goals.

Join with us if you can use some help with getting what you want, deserve and desire, AND IF you are open to helping others reach their goals, at the same time.

How everyone was determined to get focused and clear about their resolutions, goals and the actions they needed to take!

Yet, in the last five months, sadly, too many of us have fallen right back into the same old trap of repeating the same old patterns with the same old results.

With almost half the year slipping away, we may be working harder, but it's not bringing us any closer to getting what we need! It seems to be business as usual... which is of course, why everything seems the same.

So what happened to those New Year's resolutions about getting more satisfaction out of life? A better network of good friends? Shifting gears into a major lifestyle change? Getting more customers? A promotion, raise or finally, fully and truly committing to kick-starting that dream business that will free you from the 9-5 grind?

But, you also know that you are the only one who can give yourself the permission to become the spark-plug to creating a better life. That you have to become responsible enough to make the right choices, take the right steps and consistently improve your thought process!

This event is part of a series that is carefully designed to propel you toward reaching your goals for 2013 through personalized, one-on-one accountability.

Plus, for additional reinforcement you will also have the option to access an on-going supportive group of people who deeply care and are motivated to help you get what you want by the end of this year.

On Wednesday, June 5th, come meet your 2013 Accountability Partner and make a bee-line to your success by getting matched up with a dedicated Accountability Partner.

Pre-Workshop Related Reading

What is Capital?

Typically defined, capital is any asset that you can store and rely upon, and it comes in many forms. The most easily recognized economic capital consists of stock, bonds, real estate, cash, and things like equipment, vehicles or an art collection that are part of your net worth picture.

Other types, usually not included, but which can be just as valuable include, human capital such as family, friends, your career, connections, and those who work with you.

When you establish healthy win-win relationship with people, your human capital account grows and can ... MORE: http://sco.lt/6VyMSH

MONETIZE YOUR BLOG: Learn How to Make Money With Your Blog (or Website)!

Come and discover how to make money with your blog or any website!


On May 22, 2013 (Wednesday) Learn How to Make Money With Your Blog (or Website)!

RSVP HERE: http://monetizeyourblogstrategy.eventbrite.com/

We'll discuss Google Adsense, Advertising, PPC, SEO, Affiliate and Content Marketing for Selling; how and when to use them, and their potential impact for getting the necessary attention for your blog.

Additionally, and most importantly you will learn about my personally designed, easy to setup and manage, Secret Marketing Strategy For Fast Blog Monetization!

This monetization strategy which I use for my business and for my clients' consists of integrating 3-FREE amazingly simple tools which will be revealed at this event.

You will learn how to do it yourself with all the steps provided for customizing and integrating them to invoke interest in your blog business!

This "Holy Trio" which I have identified has been developed, tested and is proven to be a promotional workhorse!
Ever since the first days of the Internet, this outstanding strategy has been used and refined by top marketing professionals because it is remarkably valuable for getting maximum attention on the Internet.
Armed with this new knowledge you will be able to quickly build a niche audience and begin to seriously sell your service or products!

You should plan to SHOW UP for this Meetup:
  • If you need more followers, fans, or subscriptions for your blog or website

  • If you need to increase your authority, credibility and trust perception within your industry or niche

  • If you need an easy, simple, focused and REPEATABLE marketing strategy that gives you the competitive edge for fast growth, and dominance in your area of expertise
  • If you need customers in order to start making money from your blog or website!

Come prepared to learn, listen, ask questions and take notes.
Bring plenty of business cards because of course there will be time allocated for networking.
Be sure to RSVP here on Eventbrite and save $10. Walk-in tickets at the door are $35 (cash only) and seating is not guaranteed.

Very much looking forward to seeing you all.

Let's !!!

Best regards, Zorka
Meetup Organizer

RSVP HERE: http://monetizeyourblogstrategy.eventbrite.com/

About Theatre Row Diner: It's perfectly situated in the heart of the Off-Broadway district at the corner of 42nd Street and Dyer Avenue which is located between 9th and 10th Avenues. Its high-tech, sleek, artistic design puts every other diner out there to shame for not recognizing that a happy, clean environment is good for business.
The food menu consists of typical (but very good) American offerings; the service is wonderful and I easily give it 5-STARS!

Prices* are reasonable and please note that even though there's no set minimum to purchase, we are expected to order something during our Meetup.
*Prices start under $5 and up
*Individual checks will be issued
*Beer, Wine and Cocktails available
*Credit Cards Accepted (Minimum Purchase Required)
*Please remember to generously tip the wait-person who will be serving us

Promotion. Publicity. Sales Copywriting . Automated Marketing Services . Social Media Branding . Execution, Coaching & Consulting . Marketing For Entrepreneurs . Affiliate Marketing . Inbound Marketing . MLM Marketing . Marketing For Art-Preneurs . Internet Marketing . Event Marketing . Linkedin Marketing . Meetup Marketing . Content Marketing . Content Curation . Content Publishing & Distribution

Zorka Kovacevich
"Delivering on the Power and Promise of Technology"

HubSpot Certified Marketing Consultant

Networking Events Organizer

Telephone: 1+ 347 291 1367

Email: ZorkaMarketing@gmail.com

Book an Appointment to Speak at a Convenient Time:


Social Media - Connect With Me:
48x48, linkedin iconLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/zorkakovacevich

Connect with Divas Mobile Solutions on FacebookFacebook: http://j.mp/ZorkaKovacevichOnFaceBook

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Connect with Divas Mobile Solutions on TwitterTwitter: http://j.mp/ZorkaKovacevichTwitter
Free Internet Marketing Classes: http://blogabusinesscard.blogspot.com/p/free-classes.html


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email: ZorkaKovacevich@aol.com

What is the refund policy?
Refunds issued only if the event if cancelled.

RSVP HERE: http://monetizeyourblogstrategy.eventbrite.com/

Poutsch.com, The Bloggers Toolbox Receives Coveted Award From The Mayor's Office, "The Made in NY" Campaign!

Wonderful news for wonderful French import, tech startup, Poutsch.com who I am delighted to assist with event promotion has just now been awarded, "The Made in NY - Mark of Distinction” by the Mayor's Office.

This privledge is awarded only to those digital companies that base at least 75% of their development within the five boroughs and have at minimum 10,000 users.

If you would like to find out about our upcoming event, meet the Poutsch founders, and learn about this remarkably engaging, free website/blog owner's Interactive toolbox, you can read more here:


Also, here's a link to the official list of "Distinctive" NYC Digital Companies published by the Mayor's Office which is in the process of getting updated, to which Poutsch shall be added: http://wearemadeinny.com/made-in-ny-list/

Components of the "Made In NY" initiative, include:

* Benefits and programs to help startups grow in New York City

* Citywide awareness campaign with an estimated reach of over 150 million impressions in digital media and at outdoor locations including subways and buses, featuring images of a diverse range of local startups

* Connecting New Yorkers to digital jobs and celebrating the sector

* For students, seniors and novices to access free and low cost digital education training, and information on how to get involved in the local technology community; more: http://wearemadeinny.com/about/

Please join me and extend your hearty congratulations to Poutsch for this milestone achievement!

Connect with Poutsch

Email Contact for Poutsch Founders:
  • Melchior Schöller (CEO): melchior@poutsch.com
  • Etienne Adriaenssen (CTO): etienne@poutsch.com
  • Felix Winckler (COO): felix@poutsch.com

I welcome your questions, and hope this is helpful to you.

Zorka Kovacevich

Networking for Art-Preneurs: Divine... One Of The Coolest, Calmest Spots In Town!

Only 4 More Tickets Available Before We Have
To Switch To The Wait List For RSVPS!

Friends, we're meeting up at the Rubin Museum
which has been named by The New York Times, as...

"Divine... One Of The Coolest, Calmest Spots In Town"!

Art by Katie Skelly, Karma-Con, Rubin Museum Exhibition (2013)

I would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company if you can join us for our next social at this attractive venue.

Important Ticket Information:

Tickets: $10 if you RSVP here on our group site: http://www.meetup.com/Zorkas-VisibleArtists/events/120019492/?action=edit

Otherwise, in person $20 (cash only and seating cannot be guaranteed)

Here's what's happening:

Friend2Speak2.com, a Sponsor has made special arrangements with the Rubin Museum to reserve select tables that will comfortably seat us in a semi-private, beautiful, warm and welcoming space!

We're easy to find:

Walk right in... The lounge is located directly to your left when you arrive in the Museum's lobby.
Our table is located immediately to your right as you enter the lounge.

We'll spend a couple of hours socializing and getting to know each other with plenty of time left-over after the Meetup to tour the Rubin galleries which contain the western world's premier Himalayan art collection -- solo or with fabulous new friends -- whichever suits you best!

  • Admission to the galleries is FREE on Fridays from 6pm to 10pm which allows us to spend extra time after our Meetup hanging without having to end the evening until closing time.

  • Table service is available and please note that you are responsible for your own drinks, food and tips. Or, you can order straight from the bar if you prefer.

Here's what's on the Agenda for the evening to get the conversation sparks flying for fast and easy connections to celebrate our new friendships:

  1. Friend2Speak2.com is hosting this Meetup -- and everything is optional!

  2. You may, if you wish, join us with the intention to seek out at least one person to speak with who has the same interests that you do. It can be anything you want: such as art, books, sports, film, restaurants; whatever you enjoy the most!

  3. Idea: Why not bring with you also the intention to have a conversation with at least one other person who has very different interests or point of view so that you can learn something new, something interesting; something which may amuse or amaze you?

  4. This get-together is meant to be totally informal and relaxed. Please feel free to wander around if you want to checkout the bookstore, art or bar.

  5. Just be sure to return back to us because we'll want to speak with you some more for sure!

What's Cooking?

Food + 2-for-1 Drinks: For the budget-conscious, there is no minimum purchase required!
  • The K2 Lounge offers a special Pan Asian Tapas menu

  • Happy Hour runs from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. with a 2-for-1 special on all beer, wine and well drinks (super-reasonably priced and you can split the order with another guest and you'll both $ave money!)
The menu offers a large selection of high quality and reasonably priced specialties inspired by the Himalayas. Dish prices range from $8-$15.

Just to spotlight a few of my favorites, which they serve:
  • Naan Pizzas: grilled tandoori naan, spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella and aged gruyère. Select one topping:Tandoori Chicken or Three Cheese (I ordered these the last time to share and they were absolutely delicious!)
  • Smoked Salmon: pickled shallots, Himalayan toast points
  • Coriander Shrimp: grilled and served in the shell, cucumber mint raita
  • & Much, much more...!

Please be kind and remember to leave a tip for the hard-working wait-staff because gratuities are not included.

Very much looking forward to seeing you at the K2 Lounge!

Let's !!!

Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup Organizer

Our Sponsor

Your first call is totally free. No Payment Required to Try Us!

Friend2Speak2 / FaceBook Page
Connect with us... CLICK Link above to LIKE our FaceBook Page & we'll LOVE you forever!!

Meet Poutsch. Website & Blog Owner's Interactive Toolbox!

Do you tend to prefer rich people or poor people? What is the greatest age difference you would consider when dating someone? Due to fraud suspicions, should there be new elections in Venezuela? How would you rate the importance of your Linkedin profile to your professional life? How many times a week do you go out to bars, clubs, parties etc.? If you had an extra day, what would you do? Do you brush your teeth in the shower? What's your favorite addition to banana bread? Does the internet facilitate access to weapons, explosives, etc? I found $1,000 in the street. Should I alert the police? What do you think of the new "feelings" feature on Facebook?

Why Poutsch?

At The End of The Day, Every Blogger's Reality Is That There's No Time Leftover To Market, Sell or Promote Their Creation.

Any Blogger will tell you that cranking out quality content on a consistent basis is a time-sucking joy ride. That, customized interaction planning to engage and grab potential subscribers' interest cannot be improved.
Besides, isn't that why God created "Comments"?

Right! That is, if you don't mind growing old waiting for your audience to say something, anything. Just so you'll know you've made some kind of an impression.

Misconceptions concerning the use of Social Media are plentiful. False information is everywhere. And, the prevailing myths focus on misleading novice marketers into believing that anyone can be an instant success -- but, only if they figure how the big guys do it; the money will quickly follow.

By relying on such random tactics and copy-cat thinking, it's no wonder most Bloggers are stuck, unable draw in more than a few occasional visitors. Visitors, who don't stick around long enough to bother subscribing.

With competition this fierce, 99% of the time the results are depressingly dicey. Inevitably, doubt begins to creep in that this whole Blogging thing is far more challenging than it promised to be.

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

A noisy, hectic place getting louder with every passing second. New Blogs springing up, offering a regurgitation of the same topics. Multiple screens luring your visitors here, there and everywhere.

So how can a Blogger even think that engagement is likely to occur? Or, even possible under the circumstance where you have millions of distractions, from every corner of planet earth that are equally trying to get their message across?

How do you stand out long enough to get them to notice you? To get your ideas considered, absorbed and appreciated by the very people you must reach?

Meet Poutsch: Your Free Interactive Opinion Toolbox

If you're feeling serious doubts -- don't rush to abandon your Blog, just yet.

There's something very good and useful happening with technology to help you engage your Blogs' visitors that you need to learn about. Finally, pure interactive engagement in the form of Poutsch.com has arrived providing you and your readers with a new level of experience, never seen before!

From the very first moment that I stepped into the Poutsch domain, I was hooked! It was crystal clear to me that this was truly revolutionary advancement for Bloggers. I couldn't stay away from the site.

Questions flooded my mind. I needed answers. I also knew that many of these questions were exactly what my audience, interested in marketing their businesses cared about as deeply, as I did.

And, since that was obvious to me, I knew Poutsch would benefit, across the board any other on-line business, blogger or website owner, as well; helping them to engage their audience to want to stick around and come back for more of the same.

This is a limited capacity Meetup.

Team Poutsch - The Founders

L-R: Melchior Schöller (CEO),   Etienne Adriaenssen (CTO),   Felix Winckler (COO)

Organizer Insights:

These three French Brainiacs have built an interactive, engaging Widget so remarkable, simple, and elegant that you can easily and quickly copy and paste in your Blog or Website under 3 minutes!

Thousands of people and organizations use Poutsch every day. Politicians, journalists, NGOs, brands and many others log-on to Poutsch from every corner of the globe to collect and express opinions that matter.

The best questions are debated between new and influential users. These questions become global conversations and a great source of qualitative and quantitative information.

Poutsch has been selected in the 2012 class of Le Camping accelerator and was among the 20 startups selected by Seedcamp for the NYC acceleration days in 2012.
In February 2013, Poutsch won the French American Entrepreneurship Award.

Meetup Agenda:

6pm - 6:30pm

Check-in, meet and greet + pre-presentation networking:
  • Please pickup your name tag upon arrival
  • Bring at least 30 business cards
  • Complimentary light refreshments (beer and soda) will be served courtesy of Poutsch.com

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Presentation with Q&A by Felix Winckler, COO, Poutsch.com:
BLOGGERS: Meet Poutsch. Your Free Interactive Opinion Toolbox!

You Will Learn:

How to engage 10 times as many people because Poutsch lowers the barrier to participation with questions that can be embedded in the right place, and

How best to use the smart Poutsch widget to effortlessly maximize and reinforce your Blog's most important relationship opportunities, PLUS:
  • Why you should embed a Poutsch question on your site
  • How Poutsch question widgets allow Bloggers to better understand their audience
  • Find out if you'e thinking what your audience is thinking
  • Give your visitors a voice and find out what they think through the qualitative and quantitative data aggregated for you on Poutsch
  • How to build a community faster
  • How anyone can participate in one click
  • How to increase the stickiness of your blogs and websites
  • Why embedding Poutsch questions will make your audience come back more often and for longer periods, and much, much more!

7:30pm - 8pm

Post-presentation networking and social time

This is a limited capacity Meetup.

Poutsch Connections

Email Contact for Poutsch Founders:
  • Melchior Schöller (CEO): melchior@poutsch.com
  • Etienne Adriaenssen (CTO): etienne@poutsch.com
  • Felix Winckler (COO): felix@poutsch.com

Poutsch Reviews

"Poutsch brings the world’s opinions into a global conversation"

"Poutsch is Quora for polls"

"Twitter meets SurveyMonkey"

This is a limited capacity Meetup.

Free Internet Marketing Classes AVAILABLE NOW 24/7!

These classes teach you how to use inbound marketing to successfully grow your online business.

Take the entire course of 18 classes in the sequence listed in the Video Learning Module or study them separately, in any order that you wish.

Access Classes Online Here: http://blogabusinesscard.blogspot.com/p/free-classes.html

A Radical Approach to Networking for Art-Preneurs, Art Lovers & Collectors

Contemporary Art Lovers Gather at Caffe Dante for an Afternoon Meetup

Please leave your technology at home! Dante's is all about live engagement. No laptops allowed! Conversation encouraged.

The perfect networking setting for contemporary art lovers, our Caffe Dante Afternoon Meetup will start at 2pm and ends whenever we wish. The ambiance in the place is terrific and highly conducive for great conversation at this authentic Italian cafe which has been in the Village since 1915 serving poets, artists, actors, bohemians, beatniks, playwrights and more currently hipsters, students, tourists and locals their delicious espresso brew.

Forget about Starbucks! The coffees at Dante's are out of this world and alcoholic beverages along with real Italian pastries and sodas are also available from their huge menu selection. Reasonably priced and one of my most favorite hangouts for meetings; business and social.

My regular: Steamed Machiato in a glass! Consistently delicious and extra foamy just the way I like it.
This historical venue is a favorite with famous ghosts and living celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Whoppi Goldberg, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Jerry Seinfeld and most recently spotted going in was poet, singer-songwriter, Patti Smith.

Dante's faces Bob Dylan's former townhouse (No. 94) where the renowned, celebrity-stalker, A.J. Weberman persistently made off with the Dylan family's trash in search of collectibles and which apparently, from what I recall led to a fistfight between him and Dylan down the block on Houston Street.

A.J. Weberman happily digging through Bob Dylan's trash.

Hope you can make it! This should be a fun and relaxed way for us to meet each other, talk a bit about the New York art scene, share stories about our favorite artists, upcoming shows, and get some new adventures rolling!

And, seriously, this is their policy... Please leave your technology at home and join us for this radical approach to networking where electronics are not allowed. That's a good thing because the old-fashioned way of building social and business relationships through interaction, engagement and conversation actually works!

Organizer Fee: $5 (With On-line RSVP)
$8 (Cash at Meetup - Seating NOT guaranteed)
Maximum Attendees Invited: 15 

At the cafe, separate checks will be issued for each member's order.
Please note that it is required that all attendees order something to drink or eat during this event at their own expense.

The Organizer Fee is applied only toward event promotion expenses incurred by the Organizer.
Please tip the hardworking waitstaff generously with a minimum of at least 20%.

Thank you.
Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup/Networking Organizer

Milk foam covered finger from a glass of Latte Macchiato"I've been going to Caffe Dante and drinking cappuccinos with my friends for five years. It's where Bob Dylan used to go, and I know all the waitresses, who have been following my career. I really love it here because it's right where Dylan used to live, and there's a real spirit here that I'm always down for."
--Matt White, Musician

Milk foam covered finger from a glass of Latte Macchiato"I've been going to Caffe Dante for over 20 years. In the beginning, I even worked there for a while; a short commute from my apartment down the block on MacDougal Street. In those days, before they expanded the size of the cafe they had a live mandolin player, a musician named Sebastian, and 99% of the customers ordered in Italian which I didn't speak.

Decades later I'm still hooked on their Steamed Machiato and hanging out with friends at Dante's."

--Zorka Kovacevich, Certified Marketing Pro

When & Where To RSVP: 
February 15, 2013 @2pm

Caffe Dante
79 MacDougal Street
(Between Bleecker & Houston Streets)
New York City

Zorka's Favorite Business Cards from Zazzle

Do You Zazzle?

If not, you need a business card from Zazzle.com that will make them remember you.

Below are some of my favorite designs. There's tons more -- just follow the links and chose to zazzle them at your next networking event!

Zazzle Transparency

This is a compensated sponsor offer. 

What that means is that this promotion is offered to you because Zazzle.com has compensated me for promoting their business by showing my favorite business card designs which they sell. 

What that also means is that I would not publish anything on my site unless I actually loved it and believed that this is a high quality, valuable business card design and printing service which I am using and am pleased to recommend to you. 

Any questions, please feel free to email me: Zorka@MarketingForMarketers.com.

retro dentist business card
retro dentist business card